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What is Nonwoven Fabric?

Nonwovens" is an unusual word because it describes something that is not. Nonwoven is often mistaken for "fabric". The cotton knit in a tee shirt is a fabric. So is the denim in a pair of jeans. The canvas in a tarp and the nylon in a tent are also examples of woven textiles designed to be used time after time.

Nonwoven fabric is a fabric made without weaving. Typically a plastic-like material, a polymer, is made into fibers which are laid down on a belt known as a web former and lightly melted together. In fabric weaving holds fibers together to form a textile fabric. The concept of "Nonwoven" is important.

The speed of a machine which weaves cloth is relatively slow whereas the speed of a Nonwoven machine is very fast. This difference in the speed of this process helps make Nonwoven fabrics generally less expensive. The economy of a Nonwoven fabric allows it to be used in applications in which the fabric will have a short life. That is, it's disposable.

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