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Milk protein fiber fabric

In the late 19th century, began to study abroad renewable protein fiber. Italian scientists in 1936, in 1938 the United States, respectively, of ICI companies from milk, peanut, corn, soybean protein extracted from spinning. 1945, the United States, Britain developed a milk protein fiber, but because of poor performance fiber, textile processing can not be interrupted study. In the 1970s, Japan has been successful in developing a different natural fibers and a new type of chemical fiber fiber - containing milk protein synthetic amino acid molecules, that is, today's milk fibers.

Milk protein fiber spunlace nonwoven fabric not only maintain the natural fiber's skin-friendly, not-allergic, but also has a soft handle, good moisture,excellent skin-friendly features,etc. Meanwhile, this kind of fabric contains a variery of human essential amino acids, fiber's PH is slightly acidic, which is consistent with human skin, so it has very good keeping healthy functions . The fabric will be a very suitable material for beauty and skin cleaning products.

Our milk protein fiber, as the 3-Generation fiber in the wake of natural fiber (1-G fiber) and synthetic fiber (2-G fiber), features the combination of advantages of the both predecessors and boasts more reliable health care and natural bacteriostatic functions.

  Antibaterial, sterilization
  poison filterability and dustproof
  to effectively absorb various industrial waste gases.
  Tthrowaway respiration
  Respirator of active carbon.
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