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Soybean Protein Fiber Nonwoven Fabric

Soybean protein fiber spunlace nonwoven fabric is made of high quality soybean protein fiber produced by advanced spunlace technology process. This product not only has function of deodorant, anti-UV, far-infrared emission, but also has quick wetness transferring ability, good breathability, dry and comfortable, soft and fluffy, and excelllent skin care features. This fabric has excellent keeping healthy functions and natural light yellow colour, which will be a very suitable material for beauty, daily life and feminine hygiene products.

With natural soybean as major raw material, the soybean protein fiber is fabricated by using bio-engineering technology. In the process, globin is extracted and purified from soybean meal, the spatial structure of which is modified to prepare protein spinning solution of some concentration. After curing, the wet spinning technique is used to spin into tows of single-fiber 1.27-3.3dtex, and by means of the performance of stable fiber of chemical crosslinking and through curving, thermal setting and cutting, top-grade textile fibers are produced of various length specifications. Currently, it is the most comfortable raw material of fiber all over the world, and also called artificial cashmere.

Soybean protein fiber contains 18 amino acids necessary for the human body, is characterized by good affinity with skin, soft handle and excellent penetrability, and especially demonstrates obvious advantages in knitting garments. With the functions and effects of bacterial inhibition, far infrared, negative ions and resistance to ultraviolet, it is a super material to fabricate top-grade knitting underwear and household textiles.

  Deodorant, anti-UV, far-infrared emission
  Quick wetness transferring ability
  Good breathability, dry and comfortable;
  Soft and fluffy, excellent skin care features
  Excellent keeping healthy function
  Natural light yellow colour
  Daily life
  Feminine hygiene product
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